Frequency Changing Rail Signal Power Supply


  • Provide a reliable way to supply power to rail crossings and communication equipment
  • Available in power configurations from 1200va to 10kVA
  • Available in a variety of input and output frequencies from 25Hz to 400Hz (base product is 100Hz input and 60Hz output, but can be modified per client requirements)
  • 120VAC input and 120VAC output (other voltages available)
  • Multiple input and output connectors available
  • Ruggedized to withstand the rigors of rail vibration
  • Robust cooling and enclousure provide protection from high and low temperatures
  • OPTIONS: frequency adjustment knob, LCD display panels, and remote monitoring and control


Model   RPS-RR1200
Power Capacity   1200VA (optional up to 10kVa)
AC Input  Phase Single Phase
Voltage 120V (+-) 10% (other voltages available)
Frequency 47Hz-253Hz
AC Output Phase Single Phase
Voltage 120V (other voltages available)
Fixed Frequency 50Hz/60Hz/100Hz/200Hz/250Hz
Circuit Way   IGBT/SPWM Pulse Wide Adjustment
Frequency Regulation   Less than 1%
Voltage Regulation   Less than 1%
Load Regulation   Less than 1%
Distortion (THD)   Less than 2%
Response Time   2MS – Max
Efficiency   >85%, widely uses for many loads, inductive, capacitive, resistive, and any mixed loads
Protection   Protection provided by the electronic circuit quickly detect over-voltage, over current, overload, over temperature and short circuit and automatic tripping protection and alarm device
Insulation Reactance   500VDC >20M
Electric Pressure Insulation   1800VAC/5MA/1min
Cooling   Fan Cooled
Environment Relative Humidity 0%-90% (non-condensing)
Working Temperature -25°C-60°C
Height Above Sea Level 1500M
Size   2U Rackmount or Table Top
Connectors   Input Connections: Rear mounted AAR terminals Output Connections: Rear mounted AAR terminals (other input and oupt types available)
Front Controls & Indicators    
LCD Displays (Optional) Current Displayed in amps
Power Displayed in watts
Frequency Displayed in Hz
Voltage Voltage meter
Power LED LED indicator
 Voltage Setting (+-) 10%  
Voltage Adjustments (optional) (+-) 10%
Input Circuit Breaker w/ Guard Front mounted main power breaker

There are many applications for the Raptor Power Systems rail signal power supply;  

  • 100Hz communication power applications
  • 25Hz rail power applications
  • Rail signal crossing power/frequency conversion
  • Rail communication sub-systems power

A full 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship is included in the purchase price.  After the 2 year warranty period is over, repairs can be done for a discounted price.

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USA Made

Raptor Power Systems manufacturers its products in the USA.  USA made components are used as much as the design will allow.

Quality Control

Raptor Power Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.  Our strict controls ensure the highest quality product is delivered to our clients.


Raptor Power Systems products can be built to meet many military, rail, seismic, shipboard, and commercial standards.  Some examples are MIL-810, MIL-461, MIL-704, MIL-1399, MIL-24765, MIL-901, MIL-167, EN50122 and many more. 

Contact Info

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